Posted by: carissabeth | January 26, 2009

Studio of Shame No More!



Yes!! I am a major procrastinator! However, the job is finally complete after 2 paint jobs and many shopping trips to Ikea. I am very happy with the results of my Art Studio. It finally came to  fruition after I took the time to focus and write down my objectives for the project.  The first thing I knew that  had to be done was de-clutter the space. Once I did that I made a list of how the space needed to function, followed by how it would look. Yes,  form follows function!  I Had help with this process by consulting with a personal life coach. This was time well spent. It helped me to focus and envision what needed to be done. I executed the plan. The plan was a “Celery Green” studio that was used for felt making, sewing and painting.

Some plans need revision. I use this space for felt making, sewing and painting,  but Celery Green, I don’t think so.

My studio  is now  warm and inviting. The soft buttery yellow color is happy and works well with all the items I own. With a Rainbow Rug from Ikea, how can I go wrong. I made sure I had a space for a small desk to hold my laptop and printer. My bookshelves have been cleaned up and organized. The studio is located in a finished basement with drop ceilings, so I added sheer white and yellow curtains to make the space feel taller.  I purchased a counter height work table for felt making. My supply bins are categorized and labeled.   Everything works in this room, including me! I have been very productive and creative in the new space. Yea Me!!



  1. Wow. Looks awesome. I would love to see more pics from different angles. Isnt it great to envision something and then make it happen!?

  2. Hey Carissa,

    I’t looks great!!… I can’t wait to see it next time I’m at your house! = )

  3. I am INSPIRED! My ‘workspace’ is filled with boxes/files, etc…and we just sold our desk that wasn’t working. Would love if there was an IKEA nearby. Will let you know how it turns out!

  4. WOW!!! It looks great Carissa. Congratulations – keep up the good work.

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