Posted by: carissabeth | November 23, 2009

Knitting Goals

 I’ve been reading Nicky Epstein’s book “Knitting on Top of the World” and she  touches upon the topic of being a Master Knitter in her book.   The World Class Wee Sweaters in the book  are Multi skilled, classic designs, that upon completion can give you International Master Status. I like the sound of that!  This inspired me to look into a formalized program. The program is through the The Knitting Guild Association, and I am seriously considering taking the Masters Knitting Program.  Completing the work takes a great deal of commitment. 

Accidental or planned this is the work of pure creativity

  Becoming a Master Knitter is  an  interest I’ve had for a while. I am happy to find that it can be a reality one day.



  1. Wow! Is this yours? How is it made?

    • Hey girl! Subscribe and find out more!!

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