Posted by: carissabeth | March 2, 2010

Ultimate Rewards


I have this life goal of being a Master Knitter. It’s a rather vague goal, but since the time I was 7 I’ve enjoyed knitting. My mother and my grandmother taught me the skill and I’ve stuck with it my whole life.  At the age of 42 I can tell you that I’m obsessed with knitting. I work with stitches everyday.    

So what is a master knitter anyway? I’m not sure myself so I put the question out there for anyone to comment on.

One thought I have about this is if  someone has the pleasure in referring  to themselves as a “Master Anything” they need to appreciate the kind act of teaching. I love to joke around with self-made titles such as a Fiber Diva, Master Knitter, Knitting Goddess, … all of which I’m not…but a girl can keep dreaming.

I’ve decided to teach 2 of my friends to knit. For the past several months I have looked forward to my knitting mornings with Jodi and Mary. Two friends that come with different knitting skills, but a common goal. I hope that they walk away pleased with their new found skill and helpful tips from a  few  things we’ve discovered from this experience.     

  Knitting theory #1 a la Carissa: If your serious about knitting, invest in good yarn. We, as a knitting team, are going to spend a lot of time and energy together. It shows your commitment to your teacher and yourself by purchasing good quality yarn. Also the chances of you ending up with a garment that you will be proud to wear, is higher. The money spent on the yarn will motivate you to finish the project and be proud of your accomplishment.   

Knitting theory #2. It’s just knitting (gasp!) It  really is. Don’t lose sleep over a mistake. Whatever wrong you’ve done, can be undone.   This brings me back to my first theory! Good quality yarn will not be ruined if you have to rip out your knitting and start again!   

Knitting theory #3. For every mistake you make it brings you one step closer to knitting mastery.  You have to make mistakes to learn how to fix mistakes, ah.. see that.  Now you can help the next person.  Let’s see what we’ve done in the past two months.   

What we've been doing for the past two months!


 Learning how to knit can be an addictive path. Some people need to start from the very beginning, some need a refresher, or some just need to refine a few techniques they learned from the past. Either way, practice will always make perfect!



  1. Super nice stuff! How often do you get together with your protogees?

    • You know, when it comes to knitting there is never enough time. In my ideal world I would knit with friends everyday, but then life gets in the way. I’m looking forward to picking up the needles with my friends soon.

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