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Change Brands, Change your Life

Take Control of your Weight

Take Control of your Weight

As a Shaklee Distributor, I have personally had the Cinch products for controlling my weight. I love the Chocolate Soy flavor and mix it up with bananas and blueberries for my morning meal. The shakes, snack bars, vitamins and teas are gluten free, which is important for me since I have Celiac Disease. The shakes keep me satisfied until lunch. Look at the contest sheet on my Shaklee website and see official information on how you can become the Cinch Biggest Looser  You could win $25,000.

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Time to Vent!!!

Bagless Vacuums are the worst invention know to man. I can’t think of one reason why someone would think this technology is better.
Usually when I’m finished emptying the bagless canister I need to shower since I am now covered in DUST. I usually need to blow my nose too!
The canister cannot be simply emptied into the kitchen trash can (like we see on all those TV commercials) since it is usually necessary to clean the surrounding area where you’ve  just emptied the can.
The term bagless? What is that? I have to use a tall kitchen garbage bag just to collect the contents of my bagless vacuum. My second vacuum, which uses bags, is onhand to vacuum out the bagless vacuum.
It make so much sense to have a vacuum that has a collection bag to keep all that nasty debris in one place.
Why would anyone buy a bagless vacuum?

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Studio of shame

Today I had a fabulous facial. It included a paraffin mask for the face, hands and feet. I was so totally relaxed I almost forgot about my “to do” list. A small luxury break is all a stay at home mom needs every once and a while.

Speaking of to do lists… my to do list is on my Palm z22. It has one constant thing listed – “get organized”  oops actually two things; “make a will”  I’m off the topic… continue

I don’t know if the “get organized” task will ever be removed. I am constantly in a state of “organization”. I use the term endlessly. I use it to get myself out of a jam, I use it to excuse myself from engagements or obligations. I use it when I lack creative spark. Sometimes, I use it to define who I am !!! When will I ever be organized?

Whats so great about being organized?

I am more creative surrounded by chaos.

(or that’s what I keep telling myself)

Being organized takes time, money and discipline. Three things of which I have little of. I figured that in the past few months alone I have spent 80% of my time trying to organize. I have purchased 4 books on the subject, lots of bins and a Brother P Touch. I’m on the right track, the first area of business: my studio of shame.Studio in need of some clean updesk shot

This needs some major work.

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Things you need to know about me.


I have been a fiber artist all my life. Learning to knit at a very young age was a wonderful gift that has remained with me throughout my life. I studied textile design in college and became a Weave Designer for a studio in NY. Eventually, I wanted to pursue other forms art, so I returned to school and earned my Masters Degree in Art Education; so I would continue to learn and grow as an artist. When I am not surrounded by art students, I am busy with my family or working in my studio. 

I try to put my creative thumb print on just about everything I do.    I work with wool as a felt maker, I am an obsessed knitter, a surface designer, and a teacher. I care deeply about the health and well being of my family, which is why I decided to join Shaklee as a distributor. I’ve  even incorporated using Shaklee to create my Mixed Media Felted Pieces. One of my favorite parts of the day is when the house is quiet and the creativity takes over.  I’ll have my sketchbook at hand and I will design and plan how I am going to approach my latest  project for the next day.  Read More…

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